Getting ready to win rally tomorrow. Watch out Big Kids! #ArentTheySoCute? #k1KidsRock #IloveMyJob 🎵🎤🎹👀💃👦👧😍👌💕✌

In life we have potholes & fixing them sometimes is the hardest thing to do but once you sit down & figure out the right tools you need to fix the road your journey should become that much better! #AndInThatOrder 💯👌🙏🙋😏👍✌

Just one of them days!…. #HerFaceSpeaksVolumes 😞😒🙅😤😲👎✌

Walking trips are at work are the best! #HyperKidsEverywhere #SlurpeesForDays 🍧👀😏🙌💃✌ (at 7-Eleven)

Some people/situations you CANNOT change & it takes COURAGE to be able to realize that you CAN change your perspective on life based on the WISDOM you’ve acquired which allows you to see people for who they really are the FIRST time they show you! #GoodMorning 💯🐸☕🙌🙈👀👋✌

After the day I had today, it only makes sense! #CheesyBitsPizza #DontMindIfIdo 😏🍕👅👀💪😂😍👍👌💕✌

Even when the going gets tough, be humble & realize that just being able to open your eyes & breath ANOTHER breath is a blessing! #GoodMorningLadiesNGents #PatientlyWaitingOnMyNewThing #RiseNGrind 🙏😏🙌💯👌✊😥✌💕

No alarms to be set, no rushing to get ready for work, & staying in bed all day if I want!? #SaturdayYouAreTheRealMVP 💯😏🌻🙌💃🛀✊💕🔄☝💫

Took the kiddos on a walking trip to get Ice cream! Man oh man was it an adventure! #YMCAsummerCamp #k1KidsRock #ThereIs30MoreKidsOutside 🍦🙌👅🌞😩🙈👋💦😏🙈💃🍨👀 (at Rite Aid)

Ain’t that the truth! #GoodMorningLadiesNGents #RiseNGrind 💯🌞🌻🙈😏👋✊🙌🙏😘

As a kid I used to LOVE the minute maid push pops. Now as an adult, I’m in love all over again! #TheyreOnly99Cents #SweetBabyJesus 🍨🙈👀😏🙌👅💃👌😍✌

#GoodMorningLadiesNGents #RiseNGrind 💥💃💯🌞🙈😏🙌👌😘💕✌

Almost better than wine & Chocolate. #MyPillowIsCallingMyName 😥😩🔜😴💤💦🙌👌👋✌

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me liking your selfie could either mean “that’s a nice picture friend” or “i want to bend you over a table” but you’ll never know

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