i forgot that most people are asleep at 3 am

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I mean isn’t that what Maury is for? #ImEducatedThough #NoshadeNOShadeAtAll 💯👌👏😏📖🙋👶👈🚫😂✌

It’s always nice to have a home cooked meal! #IgotAlittleTime 🍴🙈👅🙌💃😍👍👌✌

After a long looooong work week there’s no better feeling! #PeaceAndQuiet #FridayNightTurnup 🎊💃😎😏👐💿🙌🔄☝🍸🍷😚✌

LAST DAY of summer camp! Had to end it with a bang! Gonna miss my kids like CRAZY! #YMCAsummerCamp #IloveMyJob #IOnlyCriedAlittle 😢🙊👀😎🙋👐🏊🎂🎊🎉👌😚✌ (at Los Altos Family YMCA)

I think they did! Last day of work before a 3 day weekend!! #RiseNGrind #HappyFridayFolks 🙋😏💃😎👍👌👐😚🙊✌

Like why am I up and the sun isn’t yet! #554am #MyJobBePlayingMe #ThisEarlyBirdBetterGetTheWorm! 😪😴🙋😩😒🌅😲✌

Why do I ALREADY have a quiz tomorrow & it’s only my 2nd day of class!? #ProfessorsAreGettingBoldNow #AintThisSomeIish 📖😔😒👋

My face when I wake up late for work because I snoozed my alarm twice! #Waaaaah #IwokeLikeThis #GoodMorningLadiesNGents 😩😴👀🙋👋🙅🏃🙏✌

Why is it my FIRST DAY OF CLASS, and Why do I already have 3 WHOLE PAGES OF NOTES from my FIRST class! #ProfessorsAreGettingBoldNow #PlayingWithMyEmotions #OhMyGahhhh 📖👀😒😓🙅✊👋👎 (at California State University, Long Beach)

Work, school, then work again. #YayForBeingAnAdult #TakingMyBlanketAndPillowToClass 😩😪😴🙋👵💤😒😢✊✌

I’m just sayin’. These 8 hour everyday shifts be Killin’ a playa! #MyPillowIsCallingMyName #DontMindIfIdo 😴😪😩💤🙌👌✌

It’s not official unless there’s a cake! #TurnupOneTime #CakeCakeCake #HappyBirthdayBeautiful 👵😘🎂🎊🎁💃🎉😏✌👌👧💕

SCREAMING HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY to my loving, caring, sassy, OG Tripple OG of a Nana. Even with age & time she still remains as BEAUTIFUL as ever. You are the rock & the soul of our family & your wisdom & love lives through all of us. From the moment I was born til this very day you have been one of the STRONGEST most INSPIRATIONAL women I have ever met. I love you til no end & can’t wait to take you to see them STRIPPERS! #HappyBirthdayBeautiful #80NeverLookedSoGood 👧👵😘🎂🎊🎁🎉💃💕

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